We are so excited that you chose Studio Fuze as your photographer!  

Here's a run down on what you can expect through your entire senior experience. You will find lots of tips, tricks and inspiration below.  The most important thing is to be yourself and relax.  Trust in us to bring out the inner you and capture you at your best. Grab a bowl of ice cream, scroll thru the site, take notes and get excited!

First, make sure you fill out the senior questionnaire so we can taylor a session just for you!




Great question!

Be comfortable. Be You. Be Accessorized.

Be comfortable. Wear something you know you look good in.  You don't want to be constantly worried about adjusting your outfit.  Don't bring anything your not confident about, nothing TOO tight and nothing too big.  If you are uncomfortable in your clothes, it will show in your portraits.

Be you.  Express yourself! Please, please, please be yourself.  We feel very strongly about this! Seniors who express themselves are our favorite to photograph!! Their shoots have the “wow” factor and set them apart. You know why? Because they are being true to themselves. Remember, we aim to capture WHO you are in this moment not just what you look like.

Let your outfits tell your story. If you love vintage, wear it! If you are interested in high fashion, wear something high fashion during your shoot! Don’t be afraid to be BOLD and wear something you wouldn’t normally wear in day-to-day life or at school. Sometimes outfits that might look kind of weird or bold in normal life photograph really well.  For a touch of school spirit bring your jersey or favorite comfy shirt! Add some fun into your photos if you want - bring bubble gum and shades! Following these tips will lead to photos that are truly unique to you.

Be accessorized.  Accessories are super important. They complete your look and can be the "what" that gives your shoot the “wow” factor. Bring things like dangle earrings, long necklaces, statement necklaces, bracelets, rings, floppy hats, flower crowns, headbands, and scarves. In the colder months, cute hats, scarves, and gloves look awesome!!  Don’t forget about shoes to bring your whole outfit together.


Layer it on!  Adding layers is great for portraits! Sweaters, cardigans, coats, jackets, overlaid shirts all can make your photos more fun and interesting. Layering also gives you more posing options and some place to put your hands! Bringing lots of layers also gives you more variety in your photos without a complete outfit change!

Texture & Patterns.  Play with texture and pattern to add an interesting depth and dimension to your session. Think fur, knit, lace, wool, and leather! Think plaid, stripes, floral!   You do not have to stick with solid colors, patterns look really good and can be so fun.

Variety!  Make sure you bring a VARIETY of looks! As a guide, I tell all my seniors to choose from these categories:

  • Dress or semi-dressy outfit
  • Casual/comfy look (T's, shorts, jeans, hoodie, etc)
  • Sports Uniform or Jersey / or represent your hobby
  • Preppy / Chic look
  • Edgy / Urban look
  • Represent your future college

Choose a few of these categories and start putting your outfits together. This will ensure a beautiful array of looks that are completely different! Keep in mind, you can wear anything you want! You still need to be you!

PROPS: Feel free to bring props! They can make your session more fun and personal. If there is something you love,  singing, a sport, certain foods, reading, art, an instrument or something else, we can use props to incorporate it!  The possibilities are endless. 




Find The Perfect Colors For You!

Follow the tips below to find the perfect colors to compliment your skin.  You can, of course, go much more in depth by doing a simple google search or check our our pins for more color palettes, inspiration and how to's.

1 | skin tone

Skin tones are categorized by the seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.  Look at your wrist, are your veins greenish? Warm tone. Blueish? Cool.  Can't really tell? you might be neutral.

Warm skin tones have deeper gold/yellow undertones. 

Cool tones will have pink or blue undertones. 

2 | contrast

Now check the contrast.

Clear skin - high contrast between hair, skin & eyes with slightly translucent skin.

Muted skin - less contrast and softer in color.

3 | season

  • SPRING    |  warm/clear     
  • AUTUMN  |  warm/muted     
  • SUMMER  |  cool/muted     
  • WINTER    |  cool/clear



You probably have light / strawberry blonde or auburn hair and light blue or green eyes.  You have light skin and maybe some freckles, too!


Warm, Light and Bright! Colors like ivory, peach, light pink, coral, golden yellow, aqua, bright red.


Colors with blue undertones, icy pink & blues and magenta.   Avoid deep heavy colors and dusky muted shades as well.


You skin is likely light golden that burns easily in the sun with brown or blue eyes. You have red, brown, darker or golden blonde hair.


Rich and muted earth tones are for you.  Carmel, burnt orange, gold, olive, dark reds, rich brown, and ivory.


Cool shades will make you appear pale.  Avoid clear, bright colors, black, white and pink.


Your skin is pale and pinkish and probably tans easily.  You have natural blond / ash blonde or brown hair with light colored eyes.


Pastels, neutrals and muted colors are best. Lavendar, rose, mauve, pale yellow and light blue are great.


Black and orange and any intense, vivid colors may be drown out your summer skin tone.


You have cool and clear stark dramatic skin. Most Asian, African and very pale Caucasian skin with dark hair are in this category.


True white, true black, cool grays, navy, deep red, bright pinks, jewel tones and icy pastels are most flattering.


Beige, orange, gold brown.... Any washed out shaded will make you look faded.

colors for everyone

There are some colors that look great on every skin tone.  They are the perfect balance of warm and cool. 

Light blush pink brings out the natural glow of your face. 

Teal with an even mix of blue and green can be worn by everyone.

Eggplant purple acts like a neutral and won't overpower the skin.

Red - a true red without orange or blue undertones - works for anyone.




Hair & make up

Should you have your makeup professionally done?

Absolutely you should. Not only will it make a huge difference in your image results, but you will feel amazing and feel more confident in front of the camera. It will add to your overall experience, and we want this to be memorable!

Have your hair done before you arrive at the salon - heat stylers can mess with your perfectly set makeup.

Professional Hair and Makeup not in the budget?  No problem, here's some tips!

  • Stay hydrated and be well rested.  Water and sleep make a huge impact on the look of our skin.
  • Make sure your foundation matches your skin!
  • Apply a little more makeup than normal since the camera can wash you out a little, but don't go over board!
  • Avoid too much black eye liner especially on the lower lash line - this can actually make your eyes look smaller.
  • Stay Matte - no shimmer please!
  • No SPF for today - If we use flash during your shoot, SPF can cause a ghostlike effect.
  • Get your brows in tip top shape - fill and shape if needed and pluck any out of place hairs.


  • Make sure that your nails are clean and filed.  Clear polish is fine, as is colored polish.  Try to steer clear of anything too bright or too trendy though.  Remember, the focus is on you overall, not your nails.
  • Shoes should be scuff-free and have clean soles.
  • Try everything on.  Have someone take a picture of you with their phone (or do a selfie in the mirror) to see how your outfits will photograph in general.  A flowing top or dress will sometimes photograph differently than it looks in person, while a more tailored and fitted look will show your shape.)  And bring lots of outfits!
  • Consider dressing in layers.  If you have areas of your body that you are more self-conscious about, a layered look can help hide certain areas and give you a boost of confidence.  Layers are also a great way to add variety without a complete outfit change.
  • Please do not get sunburned in the weeks leading up to your session.  Lobster red skin, tan lines, or peeling skin (that’s the worst) is not photo friendly.
  • NO over tanning or spray tan to close to your session.  Orange glow is not flattering!
  • Stay hydrated in the week leading up to your session, and on the day of your session.  It works wonders for your skin, leaving you glowing and looking healthy. Consistently lotioning your skin daily will help, too.
  • Get a great night’s sleep the night before your session. It will help not only how you look, but how you feel.
  • Dirty mouth? Clean it up with Orbitz.... or teeth whitening strips.  You won’t regret it.
  • Don’t forget to shave :)

See you soon!

As you are prepping and planning for your session, please contact us with any questions, concerns or ideas that you have!  We are super stoked for your session and we can't wait to get shooting!